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Tap In Leadership Academy (Tap In) is a relationship-centered, Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Program that creates communities of leaders and engaged scholars who think in a new perspective about themselves, their community, and the world. Tap In refers to its youth as scholars to affirm their knowledge, skills, and potential. Our program serves as an extension to home and school experiences.

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Afterschool Enrichment Program (AEP)
Our Afterschool Enrichment Program serves scholars at several locations throughout Central Illinois: Booker T. Washington Elementary School, Centennial High School, Edison Middle School, Garden Hills Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, Kenwood Elementary School, and Stratton Elementary School. The program provides scholars one-to-one tutoring in the areas of math, science, technology, and language. Tap In staff and dedicated volunteers from the University of Illinois and Parkland College serve as mentor/tutors for our scholars. Our curriculum is derived from Illinois State Standards, approved 4-H curriculum, and innovative S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) modules. Learn more about our Afterschool Enrichment Program.
Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

Our Summer Enrichment Program is fundamentally based on intentional learning. During morning sessions, scholars participate in academic activities with a strong emphasis on literacy, cultural awareness, leadership, and service learning. In the afternoon, scholars embark on intentional learning through recreational activities. Scholars learn about health and fitness through activities such as the Tap In Olympics, and explore cultural learning through visual and performing arts. A popular experience is the Tap In Bank and Store!

Learn more about our Summer Enrichment Program

Family Enrichment Program (FEP)

Our Family Enrichment Program provides Tap In parents with special workshops, training, and connections to community resources. Tap In believes in the necessity of family and community collaboration, and recognizes parents and family members as key members of our team. Tap In believes in a holistic approach to child development. We recognize the role of parents in their child’s success, and therefore, we work to create active, productive relationships with the families of our scholars. Parents enjoy learning alongside their scholars. 4-H extension has provided personality assessments to parents and scholars to help them better communicate. Tap In offers free workshops with topics ranging from Adult Cyber Night and Financial Literacy to Lotion Making Classes for scholars and their parents to enjoy quality time .

Tap In Prep Academy (TIPA)
The Tap In Prep Academy is our school readiness, pre-k program specifically designed to serve the youngest members of our community starting at age 4 through 5. The goal of this program is to provide a solid foundation for academic success in kindergarten and beyond. Tap In Prep Academy provide educational foundations necessary for kindergarten readiness which incorporates Tap In’s style of culturally-relevant teaching to reflect the Tap In Way®: leadership development; cultural awareness; self-directed learning; tender loving care and the Tap In tradition of a relationship-centered community. Learn more about the Tap In Prep Academy.
Kickback Lounge (KBL)
Tap In Leadership Academy opened the community’s first Kickback Lounge (KBL); a high-tech space that middle school scholars conceptualized, designed and built featuring digital literacy. It includes a music recording and film production studio and a digital deejay boot. The KBL serves as a gathering place for Champaign and Urbana’s youth after Tap In program hours as a way of producing a productive, safe space and encourages many youth to stay with Tap In friends or make new ones over the weekend.
Celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary

Established February 24, 2010

  • From one city to three
  • One school to eleven
  • Three families to over 400
  • Fifteen scholars to over 1,800
  • School Readiness Program, Tap In Prep Academy (Pre-K)

Tap In News

Happy Friday!!
On this day in Black History:
In 1990, Columbia University graduate and Harvard University law student, Barack Obama, became the first African American named president of the Harvard Law Review. #Educate #Equip #Empower

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February 4, 2016

On this day in Black History:
In 1913, Rosa Parks, born Rosa Louise McCauley, was born on this day in Tuskegee, Alabama. And in 1986, a stamp of Sojourner Truth is issued by the U.S. Postal Service. #Educate #Equip #Empower

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